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Met Office Triumphs & BBC Shame

Whilst the predicted storm was not anywhere near as bad as some thought, the Met Office have done a fantastic job warning people. The problem is that a probabilistic forecast can tell us that damage will occur but because the … Continue reading

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Email Problems Now Resolved

The domain came up for renewal when my other PC was on the blink. It should have auto renewed, but for some reason it did not. This occurred whilst on holiday. On returning I assume there was something wrong … Continue reading

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Prof. Murry Salby, Edinburgh 7th Nov

The Scottish Climate & Energy Forum is pleased to announce a seminar by world famous Australian climate expert Prof. Murry Salby Atmospheric & Oceanic studies Faculty of Science, Macquarie University, 2008-2013 Climate Change: What We Know and What We Don’t … Continue reading

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Doomsday Asteroid heading for Earth

Originally posted on fenbeagleblog:
The hypocrisy of the labour party on green-tax induced fuel poverty is staggering. 23,000 deaths each winter – and they think that warming is a problem! fenbeagleblog View original post

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Enerconics: The Relationship between Energy and GDP

This is a write up of a presentation I gave which Neil Craig has been badgering me to put on line. It was written for a Scottish audience, but the argument and conclusion are valid worldwide. An Energy Policy to … Continue reading

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The Ocean ate my heat and global proxies

And interesting discussion has been triggered about the use of proxies to measure global temperature. It developed but the key point seems to be this comment from catweazle666 in response to William Connolley. October 12, 2013 at 7:27 pm “A … Continue reading

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IPCC takes legal action against Met

When I saw the headline ” IPCC takes legal action against Met“, I couldn’t imagine what could have happened for Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to start taking legal action against the UK Meteorological  Office. Had the IPCC finally found out … Continue reading

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India: Triumph for Met Office & Government

Whether it was the UK or Indian Met Office – or whoever it was**, they deserve praise. An effective early forecast has allowed the government to act early to save life. The importance of this was brought home to me … Continue reading

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Sceptics vs. non-sceptics: progress & purdah

I knew something was wrong when my computer started becoming socialist when it turned on. A red hue turned the whole screen pink. A few days trying to use the laptop with an external screen convinced me I needed a … Continue reading

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Beth Cooper says: “I think that MFgeo’s insightful observations should be reposted in yr thread at Climate Etc, Scottish Sceptic.” Happy to oblige Copy of MFgeo’s original posts: I believe that the fundamental reason that sceptics and non-sceptics can come … Continue reading

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Thanks for the responses

To everyone who has contributed to this both on Climate Etc and on my blog to the article sceptics vs. academics (now sceptics vs. non-sceptics), I would like to thank EVERYONE for their contributions. Unfortunately, given the huge volume of … Continue reading

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I have just received this copy which I am told by George Lindsay was printed in the Scotsman. The implication is serious. It appears to mean that many wind farms in Scotland have been erected illegally showing a disregard by … Continue reading

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sceptics vs. academics

This is part of a long term project to try to understand why the “two sides” in the climate debate look at pretty much the same information and come to very different conclusions. Having met both sides, and tried to … Continue reading

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The decadal mean temperature graph

Originally posted on The IPCC Report:
Perhaps the most ridiculous graph in the IPCC AR5  SPM is this one showing “decadal mean” temperature. A few points about this graph: As far as I know, such a graph has not been…

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The evil 95% must change their CO2 usage immediately!

After reading the IPCC summary I would like to make the following statement: I am now 95% confident that the 95% of people whose grossly selfish action means that they are responsible for a massive 95% of all world emissions … Continue reading

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Kiribati man claims asylum on global warming grounds

THE first claim for asylum from a “climate-change refugee” is set to be heard by a court in New Zealand. The man from the island of Kiribati arrived in New Zealand six years ago and has since settled and fathered … Continue reading

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UK government wobbly on climate change.

As a result of the IPCC debacle, the climate debate is primed like an avalanche where the merest sound could bring it all crashing down. Then today I read that … Speaking at an event yesterday to mark last week’s … Continue reading

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Scientific American “The New Climate Data: So What?”

Mark Fischetti who is a senior editor at Scientific American and covers energy, environment and sustainability issues has written a rather cutting piece. I was surprised by the headline to say the least. As a group the popular “scientific” journals … Continue reading

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Climate Scam: 95% confident it will be over this winter.

A few years ago at the height of the climate delusion papers like the Guardian would systematically remove all sceptic comments. So, the Guardian is a very good barometer of the sceptic mood, because if their comments are hostile then … Continue reading

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Could it be over within days?

Even for the most ardent warmist AR5E has been an anti-climax. At first a few die-hard warmists were trolling the forums sprouting their propaganda, but even these people seem to have disappeared. Looking through the media coverage, there is still … Continue reading

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