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Greenpeace: “climate conference … was a waste of energy,”

Nigeria: Climate Talks in Warsaw ‘A Waste of Energy’ The United Nations, UN, climate talks in Warsaw, Poland, have ended with activists disappointed that the quest for climate justice had become even more elusive. The COP19 – the 19th Conference … Continue reading

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Rachel: Bury the Carbon Problem?

Rachel: I am wondering what people over here think of Myles Allen’s proposal to bury the carbon problem? – Has there been any discussion in the blogosphere about it from bloggers who do not accept the IPCC consensus? Feel … Continue reading

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Global Warming Scam – an economic and social autoimmune disease?

There are a whole series of diseases from simple allergies to some form of arthritis where the normal behaviour of the body’s immune system somehow stops just attacking foreign invaders and instead starts attacking the body’s own tissues as if … Continue reading

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Johnny Ball Email Scam

Just received this email. It looked like a scam, but I rang to check and yes he says it is a scam. “It wiped all my computer” Good morning,   I Hope you get this on time, I made a … Continue reading

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Pull the plug on this Kyoto corpse!

When Leonid Brezhnev died, I recall that he was kept alive for days on life support. The same is rumoured to have happened to Hugo Chavez (president of Venezuela). The Kyoto commitment died on the 31st December 2012, but it … Continue reading

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The crap they are discussing at Warsaw

Clause 13 of the “follow any messiah which offers them money text“: FurtherinvitesPartiestostrengthenand,whereappropriate,developinstitutionsandnetworksattheregionalandnationallevels,especiallyinparticularlyvulnerabledevelopingcountries,toenhancetheimplementationofrelevantapproachestoaddressinglossanddamageinamannerthatiscountry-driven,encouragescooperationandcoordinationbetweenrelevantstakeholdersandimprovestheflowofinformation;   And it doesn’t make much more sense with the spaces: Further invites Parties to strengthen and, where appropriate, develop institutions and networks at the regional and … Continue reading

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Warsaw latest: Green groups admit “real possibility” of collapse

With the talks dragging on into Saturday afternoon without agreement, green campaigners warned the process could collapse. Oxfam’s Executive Director, Winnie Byanyima, who was part of a walkout during the week, said that this was now a real possibility. (source: … Continue reading

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What lessons to learn – when the scare is real?

TinyCO2 made a comment: “I could spend all day listing the things that are acting as a barrier to action on CO2 and making scepticism grow” For those convinced about global warming, I do not need to explain that there … Continue reading

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Warsaw comedy

I have never more wanted the BBC to be impartial on climate, because the comedy potential of these latest talks is just astounding. It would be a cross between blackadder, The thick of it, Dad’s army and that one on … Continue reading

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Greens give up on Warsaw climate talks

Reuters) – Several major environmental groups, including Greenpeace and WWF, have walked out of U.N. climate talks in Warsaw in protest at what they see as a lack of progress towards an international deal to curb rising global greenhouse gas … Continue reading

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Get rid of the Green Crap

David Cameron has ordered ministers to ditch the ‘green crap’ blamed for driving up energy bills and making business uncompetitive, it is claimed. The Prime Minister, who once pledged to lead the ‘greenest government ever’, has publicly promised to ‘roll … Continue reading

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Where to put effort in Climate Science?

Sceptics and the convinced clearly can’t agree even on very simple things like what to call Prof Salby. So if we can’t agree what we know, can we at least agree on what we don’t. The honest answer is no, … Continue reading

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Warsaw: steady progress – toward collapse.

About this time, I usually get a feel for how the COP talks will pan out. With the developing nations walking out, and the Chinese acting like some pimp shepherding them out, just because the developed nations refused to create … Continue reading

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Do climate scientists have personal indemnity Insurance?

All this talk of sueing the cyber bullies has led onto an interesting subject. In  the good old days when I ran a small business designing off-grid power systems and temperature control equipment, I set the business up as a … Continue reading

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Why do sceptics put up with cyber bullying?

Because sceptics are culturally resistant to seeing themselves as victims. Sceptics are loners … not social loners but intellectual loners. We do not need our views endorsed by our peers. We are resilient, self-reliant we have often worked in time-critical … Continue reading

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The police visited today

Last night in the Independent I spotted several more libellous comments about “deniers”, plus one about “in the pay of oil” Of course I reported these posts. But even after about an hour they were still sitting there. So, I … Continue reading

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Kyoto has expired

When the Kyoto Protocol termination date of the 31st December 2012 passed without any valid amendment, I thought it was a fairly simple and obvious fact that the commitment had ended. That didn’t preclude a later amendment, but legally there … Continue reading

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Cyber attack on Sceptics

Last night I noticed JoNova’s site was either not responding at all or was very very slow. Then I read that Anthony Watt’s server had been under attack (A note on my cyber attack and communications). Now I’ve read that Andrew … Continue reading

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Report: Lecture by Prof Salby 7th Nov 2013

Climate: What we know and what we don’t downloadable version Professor Salby giving his presentation on 7th November 2013 to the Scottish Climate & Energy Forum. produced by Mike Haseler BSc. MBA Summary In order to understand the importance of … Continue reading

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Hermann Harde: greenhouse effect 30% smaller than IPCC says.

Great news!! Professor Hermann Harde who is a German academic who specialises in gas absorption and thoroughly understands the radiative properties of gases, has used the very latest up to date HITRAN database of gas absorption spectra and discovered that … Continue reading

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