I have moved

You can find me at ScottishSceptic.uk

For information

WordPress used to have a reasonably price for using my own domain name. But whereas it used to cost around ~£10/year to redirect, WordPress upped their charges to nearly £100 a year.

Given that I’ve also had to stop using Google adverts as they are deliberately blocking material for CLEAR POLITICAL reasons I cannot justify that amount. (bing project veritas and see the a wig wig in Google admitting they are planning to prevent Trump getting re-elected by manipulating what people find through google – election tampering on that grand scale should result in lengthy prison sentences!).

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3 Responses to I have moved

  1. Steve Sutton says:

    Having difficulty locating your blog/site/twitter/? Curious what your observations are on IPCC’s AR6; Dr. Steve Koonin’s book “Unsettled”; Biden’s “existential threat”; etc.


    • I only interested in real science and from a science point of view, the main question of importance is: “when is the ice-age starting?” so I haven’t read AR6 as it doesn’t comment on the issues of importance in climate. Buydem is an idiot … however Trump didn’t sort out the appalling climate swamp when he was able, so he didn’t exactly help. The result is we don’t have any credible global temperature measurement and that is a real pain, because global temperature is by far the best way to tell whether we are anywhere close to the start of the next ice-age. And worse, in terms of understanding the climate, a credible global temperature is again very key. So, the whole subject has become like wading through a deep swamp … very hard to make progress.

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