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maximal length pseudo random sequences in PHP

Whilst waiting for the survey to finish, I’ve been doing some work on maximum length sequences. First what is a maximal length sequence? In practice they are an apparently random set of numbers all with an equal number of bits, … Continue reading

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A sceptical consensus: the science is right but catastrophic global warming is not going to happen

The Scottish Climate & Energy Forum has been conducting a survey on the background and attitudes of participants to online climate discussions. The survey had a massive response which will take time and resource to process. However initial analysis already … Continue reading

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Google ate WattsUpWithThat

Up early I went to uClimate: “Why’s everyone stopped blogging?” Turned out when I added google it stopped updating other sites. Now fixed!

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Sustainable Capitalism

This is a paper I wrote 2003 and sent to the UK conservative party. No idea if anyone read it, but sad to say, after this paper, the conservatives “went green”. Although from before I knew there is no real … Continue reading

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2235AD till yearly forecast betters current monthly forecast

The learning curve has long been known to be able to predict the rate of progress in many areas. If one applies it to climate, the results are startling and suggest many centuries until we can predict even the yearly … Continue reading

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The end of the UK university? – II

Stewgreen dropped me a link to an ABC chat on almost the same subject as my previous article on the end of the UK university. ABC The Science Show: Will online learning replace the university campus? Here is the transcript:-

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uClimate: stats of total clicks by site

This shows the latest feature on which shows real-time  stats for the total number of clicks each site has had for all its articles.

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If you haven’t been to, in a while, it now has a host of new features including what’s currently popular what’s most popular this week and this month. NOW including the latest news from Google! To see the latest … Continue reading

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Delingpole, laser physics and the end of the dinosaur age of politics

In the past big institutions talked to big-institutional news media who then decided what news THEY thought was suitable to tell us plebs. They justified their control, because THEY said they were impartial, using a totally arbitrary split between “left-right”. … Continue reading

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The real reason for flooding in Somerset Levels? Not global warming – the pump was turned off!

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:
We’ve previously covered the absurd claims that “global warming” was the cause of flooding in Somerset, UK here and here, with yesterday, even a senior scientist at the Met Office disagreeing with the…

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What are the sceptic aims?

“to encourage the best quality science and engineering assessment of the impact of human activity on the climate, help determine and assess the impact of any changes to our economies, society & environment and to assist governments to develop the … Continue reading

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Has Cassandra beaten Scottish Sceptic?

After many years unpaid work observing academia: during several different stints in University where I several times had a chance to view academic culture anew; after years on various forum, particularly BRITARCH (British Archaeology) and on global warming; after studying … Continue reading

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Goodbye Doctor Delingpole

When Richard Black left the BBC – I said he left to spend more time in the environment. When Hansen left NASA – I said he left to spend more time with the environment. Now Delingpole is going to “pastures … Continue reading

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The end of the UK university?

With the rise of the internet, I’ve been wondering why it is that universities each present basically the same lectures to the same course all over the world, when the whole system could be so dramatically simplified. But then again, … Continue reading

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Met office 15% chance of Jan-Feb-March being wettest

From Jo:Nova: UK Met Office in December predicted a 15% chance of Jan-Feb-March being the wettest category SUMMARY – PRECIPITATION: Latest predictions for UK-precipitation show a slight signal for near or just above average rainfall during January-February-March as a whole. … Continue reading

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Caption Competition

After Mr Connolley’s outrageous behaviour I got a few emails in sympathy amongst which was this link: Normally I wouldn’t have posted it. But why not? It is hilarious and it so neatly sums up all climate propaganda “science”. … Continue reading

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I’ll be back.

I need to take some time away from blogging to prepare some material. So, unfortunately, blogging and commenting will be light for the next few weeks. I’ll be back!

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Climate debate: Lord Monckton vs HRH Prince Charles

I noticed this letter From Lord Monckton to Charlie on Tallbloke. Interestingly we had a discussion in the Scottish Climate & Energy Forum which divided between monarchists and republican tendencies or polite and not so, and finally decided not to … Continue reading

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IPCC: not science, just dishonest!

I was reading the evidence on the IPCC inqury and Peter Lilley made an excellent point worth repeating: Q13 Mr Lilley: … The point I am trying to make is the point you make and particularly the points in the … Continue reading

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A reply to Mike Hulme

Two articles appeared in almost together: The infamy of John Cook Science can’t settle what should be done about climate change Whilst Andrew Montford tends to be a moderate, in this case his comments did not seem appropriate for what … Continue reading

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