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The Citizen Scientist : a paradigm shift in Science.

After several conversations regarding my article: “The Citizen Scientist“, I am beginning think this may possibly be the most important article I have ever written about the climate debate. What I suggested is that sceptics can be considered as a … Continue reading

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Twas the day after Christmas

Twas the day after Christmas, and all round the house, lay sleepy children as quiet as a mouse. The table top covered, in tools and batteries, as I try to make the pound shop things, work as they should be. … Continue reading

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Reindeer Poo: a Happy Xmas and a cool New Year

A glass of whisky, Some flour, Some Cocoa powder, Some porridge oats Some Butter Water as required. Glitter Mix up all ingredients except glitter and whisky together. Roll into a 1/2″ diameter sausage . Cut every 1/2″. Roll each bit … Continue reading

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Predictability of Weather & Climate

I bought Tim Palmer’s book “predictability of Weather & Climate”, to find out how climate scientists dealt with noise. This is it: Essentially there are three reasons why forecasts are uncertain: uncertainty in the observations used to define initial state, … Continue reading

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After my article on the ranking of climate blogs, I was thinking how much work goes into all those 100s of blogs and if only all that effort could be put together onto one website … so I did … … Continue reading

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The citizen scientist

The House of Commons Energy and Climate Committee have now published the submissions of the review of the IPCC and what an impressive collection it is. It is great to see so many citizens putting in their own time and … Continue reading

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Kinky climate blogs

Following the post Ranking of climate blogs (Dec 2013), I thought I would plot the ranking to see what it looked like. As expected given that the rankings go from a few thousands to the 10s of millions the main … Continue reading

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Ranking of climate blogs (Dec 2013)

This is a list of the ranking of the main climate blogs based on Alexa. The sites were collected from those linked to by some of the main blogs as well as Realclimate. Please note, I have only given sites … Continue reading

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Off goes the submission to Parliament

After working on this pretty solidly for a week (with many false starts), I finally produced a pdf and tried to upload it as the man had told me on the phone. Apparently not … but luckily they accept open … Continue reading

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Where’s our trampoline?

I woke up this morning looked at the window to see the bins all lying flat and rubbish hurtling down the road. And then I noticed something missing … “where’s our trampoline”? I had secured a few things like our … Continue reading

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Time for a Scottish Independence Party?

With the news that UKIP has been “‘wiped out’ north of the Border after its Scots leader is sacked“, is it time that we Scots who are in favour of independence from the EU woke up? Will UKIP ever treat … Continue reading

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