The decadal mean temperature graph

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The IPCC Report

Perhaps the most ridiculous graph in the IPCC AR5  SPM is this one showing “decadal mean” temperature.

A few points about this graph:

  • As far as I know, such a graph has not been used in any peer reviewed publication
  • The graph was not in the draft version of the SPM subjected to expert review
  • No such graph has been used in any of the previous IPCC reports.
  • I’m not aware of any such graph being used in any other field of science – any examples?

So why is the graph so bad? It’s hard to see why it is necessary to point this out.  Firstly, it takes a graph with about 160 data points on it, and reduces this to just 16, effectively throwing away most of the data.  Secondly, the appearance of the graph depends very much on how you choose to do the 10-year cuts. They seem…

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