#frackinggate – great analysis by Sun News!


Video: http://bcove.me/4i04fl0y

“They[Greenpeace/span] didn’t bother to do an audit of themselves to see have we been the victim of a sophisticated trick by a malevolent government – they just said ‘huh us?  We’re perfect”

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6 Responses to #frackinggate – great analysis by Sun News!

  1. If a simple audit would show it and it is common, not just to Greenpeace, surely NATO easily have the resources to prove it too?

    • You need to understand that just because one part of the public sector know something underhand is going on, it doesn’t mean they will pass it on. The security services might come across a lot of information – but unless it relates to military issues – they will not do anything with it.

      It sounds to me as if what was being said was “yes its well known – but it’s not my job to do anything about it”.

    • I’ve said a few times that the media – having first built up a story – may when story is of no use to them as use – turn and attack those which they formally built up as heroes in order to expose them as scoundrels in what should be a a last final media feeding frenzy.

      And the media are not the only ones who could turn. Whereas it was in the oil company’s interest to see global warming hysteria and rising energy prices, it is now clearly in their interests to destroy the green groups who oppose fracking.

      • Certainly if, as I believe and has not been disputed, 98% of the cost of nuclear power is regulatory, it is unlikely that if that were removed electricity sales would rise anything like 50 fold. In which case, assuming a reasonable profit margin, the electricity industry makes less money. More than that the ones making the money would not be the companies with the current generating capacity. This is an example of how, in politics, a major advantage for a small group trumps a lesser one for everybody because the small group has the incentive to “raise awareness”. And why economic freedom beats political control.

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