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A new policy to save the bandwagon: Don’t mention Global warming.

As I read through the news I was looking for anything vaguely interesting other than the EPA in the US having been found to have abused its own systems in its CO2 endangerment finding. And then it dawned on me. … Continue reading

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What do you think?

I’ve been asked to show the following youtube video. I’d be interested to hear comments because to my way of thinking this is not the way to combat the nonsense on global warming:

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Why do Scottish Greens represent the cities?

I should have noticed before, but the two biggest cities in Scotland are the only places with Green MSPs: Patrick Harvie got in on the Glasgow list  Alison Johnstone got in on the Lothian list and is a councillor for … Continue reading

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What’s a Drag Queen Got to Do with Global Warming? ‎

And the top news on the global warming front: As the world’s top-ranked “climate lifestyle coach,” Rue tells clients that global warming simply isn’t happening, or, if it is, humans certainly aren’t causing it, but, well, since it is happening, … Continue reading

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What if the astrologers were right?

A while back I would not have believed sun spots could affect the world. That became more credible when I realised that it was not sunspots but magnetic fields associated with the “boiling” bubbles we see as sunspots. To recap: … Continue reading

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At last an excuse to yawn!

I was recently trying to find a list of instinctive human behaviour (i.e. based on experiment and not some blogger). The only one that I could find with much authoritative writing was yawning, but I was surprised to find that … Continue reading

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Notice: Windfarm Conference

Scottish National WindCon Friday 11th November 10.30 am – 4pm Ayr Race Course Suite £26 pp including lunch and complimentary parking (ground floor so available to all delegates). Communities Against Turbines Scotland

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Experts on trial for NOT BEING ALARMIST

SEVEN scientists and experts are standing trial in Italy for failing to deliver sufficient warning of an earthquake that killed more than 300 people in 2009. The seven are accused of manslaughter for giving “inexact, incomplete and contradictory information” about … Continue reading

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First Meeting of Sceptic Associaton 8th October

Anyone interested in forming a Scottish association to educate our politicians about the exaggerated claims of Global Warming is invited to attend a meeting Near Stirling  from 2 – 4pm on Saturday 8th October.

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Proven Energy in Liquidation

I know there is a temptation to see all windmill producers as part of the great evil of “green energy” global warming scam. However, having worked with Proven engineering I can vouch that Proven Engineering was not part of the … Continue reading

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Poll: Association Name

Following a few discussions I’ve decided to whittle down the list to the following and I would now like you to indicate your preference, for an organisation which by general consensus is primarily set up to help educate our MSPs.

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Another smoking gun

WUWT have just published a paper that has found evidence showing that evaporation form plants causes cooling. Let’s go through the implications: Throughout the world, mankind has been cutting down forests and ploughing up fields. Plants vastly increase the rate … Continue reading

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Glasgow Skeptics – or Glasgow GW sycophants

I had the misfortune to agree to meet Neil Craig at the Glasgow Skeptic society last night. I had hoped that by arriving late I would have missed the talk, but unfortunately like all priests before their parishioners, this sermon … Continue reading

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What would a Scottish Association do?

My own vision is as follows: To produce a leaflet or other material outlining the evidence against exaggerated CO2 warming and to send a copy to each and every MSP.

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Association Report 15/09/2011

First, the name is causing problems. “Sceptic” is not liked, but we don’t seem to be able to find anything better. “Global warming”, likewise isn’t something we want to promote, the poll is useful and, the leaders so far are: … Continue reading

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POLL: Sceptic Association Name (Canvass for Names)

I’ve set up this poll to canvas opinion regarding a possible name. Obviously it’s not scientific, as I’m adding names as they are suggested, and to give a chance to express a view on later names I’ve enabled voting more … Continue reading

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A Scottish Sceptic Organisation

See also: Poll on name Introduction Following some comments, I have been mulling over (again) the possibility of some kind of sceptic organisation in Scotland to help put the case for scepticism on the exaggerated claims of manmade global warming. … Continue reading

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Santer: How to prove an accurate prediction — first tell me the answer!

This is really a note to myself regarding Santer. “Separating Signal and Noise in Atmospheric Temperature Changes: The Importance of Timescale“. If it doesn’t make sense … apologies. The crux is the question: if you have a signal with noise, … Continue reading

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Should scientific papers behind a paywall be considered as part of the debate?

There is a new paper out which says: These ratios are small (less than 1) on the 10-year timescale, increasing to more than 3.9 for 32-year trends. This large change in S/N is primarily due to a decrease in the … Continue reading

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The storm.

As I sit and watch the trees bellowing dramatically in the wind and the bit of the chicken house that always flies off … flying off, I realised that our internet goes through the trees and if it got worse … Continue reading

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