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The journal of citizen science

After reading about the likely relaunch of “Patterns Recognition in Physics” on Jo Nova (which I thoroughly endorse) I was reminded that there is a glaring hole in the list of journals, which is stopping many good papers from getting … Continue reading

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Noah’s Ark – what does it mean?

According to a new translated Cuneiform tablet, Noah’s Ark was round. Reading the Daily Mail Comments I read : Cardiff supporter: Noah was a farmer who built a larger version of the locally used coracle. An earlier earth quake warned … Continue reading

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Ruminations on Eggsperts

There’s a post on Climate Etc. “Death of Expertise“. I’m not  commenting on this directly. Instead, I have a very simple question: what is an expert? Two scales come to mind, the first is that in any given subject the … Continue reading

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Scienceofdoom:: Ghosts of Climates Past is proving a real boom. I came across this article at Scienceofdoom. I can’t remember which way they swing on the debate, but the article is well written and a subject I’m interested in. Available at: Ghosts of … Continue reading

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Overwhelmed by response!!!

I have been bowled over by the response to the survey. For example, I noticed a survey ID “501” had come in. By the time I get around to posting this it had risen: Response summary Total responses: 538 Full … Continue reading

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Survey on participants of climate debate

The Scottish Climate & Energy Forum have been working to produce a survey on the background of participants in the climate debate. Now, after some excellent feedback, the survey is ready. The url is: Please help us by filling … Continue reading

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History is written by the VICTORS!

They say history is written by the winners. But the Citizen News Media are beginning to dominate the internet. If this new CNM end up writing the history of the “climate wars”, does mean we are the winners?

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Did Wikipedia editors kill the Guardian & Independent?

With the rise of the internet, the mainstream Media are in long term decline as Citizen Scientists using Citizen News Media begin to dominate those Universal subjects like climate. But were they given a helping hand by the antics of … Continue reading

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Found: missing heat – but I’m leaving academics in the cold.

After a “And Then There’s Physics” article exchange about the “pause”, I got to thinking where I might find “the missing heat” – or as politicians would put it “the economy’s growing – it’s just we can’t see it”. In … Continue reading

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Dear Jo, the sun: “it’s really scary”.

Dear Jo, it is important you get this. But first, I was delighted to hear about the baby. So, I will try to keep this short knowing you will be busy with the most important of things and are unlikely … Continue reading

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The Truth about the Highland Clearances

Were the clearances or the improvements more significant in the creation of the deserted upland landscapes which exist all over Scotland? What are the most important benefits of the study of deserted settlements? By Mike Haseler as part of Glasgow … Continue reading

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Jo: global warming tide is not turning, it has turned!

Will the global warming scam go out in a fizzle or a pop? Will it die a quiet death or will the media turn on those who fed this story and tear them apart. We are about to find out! … Continue reading

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The political dinosaur

To quote myself: “even if you kick the political system between the legs, because like the proverbial dinosaur, the nerve impulse takes time to travel all that way up to the small brain at the top, it will still take … Continue reading

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The Global Warming Scam (2008)

For various reasons, my first ever article on the “Global Warming Scam” done in 2008 is no longer easily thorugh the Lenzie Village website where it was published. 6 years on, how good was it? February’s Update news: According to … Continue reading

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Climate bloggers: is CNM killing the Mainstream Media?

How often have we read “the Main Stream Media don’t ever report climate”? Written by citizens, on the Citizen News Media (CNM) bemoaning the lack of coverage on the MSM. Are we bloggers, this new CNM part of new “supermarkets” … Continue reading

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Scotsman: Global warming’s deranged disciples

There’s an excellent piece by by Gerald Warner in today’s Scotsman. CLIMATE change is real and it is happening very fast. The climate of opinion, that is, regarding the rapidly imploding fantasies of the global warming alarmists. This would be … Continue reading

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Congratulations Jo

Congratulations Jo Baby Andrew (on the right) I’m a little late, but its still the best news I’ve heard all day.

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Can you isolate a volcanic temperature signal in the temperature data?

Originally posted on Hypothesis Testing:
So I have left you all in suspense as to what my big project is. This is it. The answer appears to be yes, with difficulty. Using data from here, I identified the points at…

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Windows 8 my uClimate

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m already addicted to But it is certainly bringing up surprises. The first was that WUWT is not the top blog – at least in terms of posts with Stephen Goddard producing … Continue reading

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Mini Nukes Touted as Solution for Climate

Originally posted on Climate Denial Crock of the Week:
I’m open to new ideas – but I just think renewables are moving so quickly that technologies like these will be hard pressed to catch up. Also, for libertarian nuke lovers…

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