I nearly fell off my seat.

I read saw an article in the Daily Mail

Obama mocks GOP global warming skeptics and says they ‘pretend’ they ‘can’t read’ – but ignores new claims that the US has been COOLING since the 1930s

It sounded suitably boring – I forgot to mention amongst the last bunkers of the catastrophists was Obama – but as his climate ravings aren’t even supported by his own officials. (100 percent consensus finally achieved on climate) and he’s now a dead duck president …

However, it was not immediately clear whether it was pro anti or even “considered” The bullet points suggested pro, until the last:

  • The president spoke to a partisan audience of environmental activists on Wednesday night in Washington
  • He claimed GOP lawmakers believe global warming is real but won’t admit it because they’re afraid of ‘a bunch fringe elements’ in their own party ‘They ducked the question and said “Hey, I’m not a scientist”,’ Obama joked
  • Obama ignored new evidence that American scientists have been altering climate data for years
  • The US Historical Climatology Network has been adjusting its records by replacing temperatures with data fabricated by computer models

And then I saw the picture from steven goddard’s blog. The typical “not exactly profeesional” cobbled together picture of a blogger staring out at me from the Daily Mail.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2671146/Obama-mocks-GOP-global-warming-skeptics-says-pretend-read.html#ixzz36xS7M7xk

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