One More Time …..

Can someone please explain to me how this graph hasn’t caused those involved to be hauled up in court to explain themselves?


After looking back at Steven Goddards previous graphs I found this quote:

This is heinous enough, but I started thinking about it and realized that it doesn’t make any sense. We have seen hundreds of examples of them cooling the past, and their graph above doesn’t show that. So I calculated the actual adjustment by averaging all valid daily minimum and maximum temperatures at all USHCN stations (per year) and compared them to what they publish.

Unfortunately this is not comparing apples with apples. However nor am I convinced such a change can be just ignored. There is something seriously wrong if the dataset has been modified to the extent there is a ~1C change. Even if we assume good intention (and given the history of climatology that is not something I would readily believe), there is a serious risk of introducing errors if the dataset has had such a massive change over time.

The excuse that this is just the artifact of gridding is not enough. Gridding only adjusts to ensure compatible values within a geographic box. What it does not do, is compensate where all stations of a particular kind are removed. So, if there is a tendency to remove stations on the outskirts of cities (where we expert urban heating), no amount of gridding can compensate.

So for there to have been an underlying trend this large suggests that there has not been a randomised removal of stations. Stations favouring cooling have been disproportionately taken out.

Real Science

I have posted this graph dozens of times, and hopefully this time it will be clear to everyone. The graph shows the average final temperature for all USHCN stations minus the average raw temperature for all USHCN stations.  This is a very simple calculation which shows the average adjustment for all USHCN stations.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to NOAA or anybody else that an exponential increase in adjustments is occurring, as I have been showing the same graph (crying wolf) for many years.

ScreenHunter_687 Jun. 28 14.49

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