EU green group funding.

Following on from #Frackinggate – the allegations by NATO that green groups are funded by Russian oil, Andrew Montford has another post at  Bishop hill which caught my attention:

There is, however, an even more sinister element. As we see the march of globalisation progress, the Green 10 (all of them funded by the EU, except Greenpeace – the WWF between 2007-2012 having grabbed a massive €53,813,343 for its services to itself and the EU empire), are supporting their paymaster, “promoting EU environmental leadership in the global political arena”, helping it act at a global level.

This is from EUReferendum. Unfortunately, it isn’t clear who is and who is not being funded by the EU. So I did a search and found this:

Had Mr Farage been better briefed, he could have pointed out that the WWF has been paid nearly €54 million from EU funds in the six year period from 2007 to 2012, the RSPB were paid more €14 million, and that Friends of the Earth Europe are primarily funded from public funds. Its work programme in 2013 cost €1,368,059.00, of which the EU contributed €751,064.00 (54.89 percent). Likewise, the EEB gets most of its funding from the taxpayer.

The best bet, though, would have been to add up the Green 10 subventions for the period 2007-2012. We start with WWF grabbing €53,813,343, Birdlife is lead recipient for funds worth €25,680,683, Naturfreund gets €2,862,371, Bankwatch takes €8,178,095, the EEB is lead recipient for €13,186,263, Climate Action Network gets €2,240,616, HEAL (as EPHA) takes €4,622,921, Transport & Environment, takes €2,172,353 and Friends of the Earth was lead recipient for grants worth €13,674,033.

Putting these nine together, with Greenpeace the notable exception, the Green 10 minus one are primary or lead recipients of funds to the tune of €126,610,677 disbursed by the Commission between 2007-2012

This is a very different story from that on Bishop Hill where it is suggested the 53 million is split between 10 NGOS. Instead EUReferendum suggest the WWF alone are getting the €53,813,343. Friends of the Earth are getting another 13million, the Climate Action Network 2million and no doubt many of the other have a radical environmental agenda.

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  1. I first heard of the 10 sockpuppets reading Edward Snowden’s articles on the subject in which he mentions the main eco-scarers getting paid 70% of their total budgets by the EU (there is extra from nationals governments)(The EU originally suggested 50% but the ecofascists said they could never raise enough from real people.

    I recommend Snowden’s articles to anybody who hasn’t read them though the fact that you can find no mention of them in the “balanced” BBC and approved press is recommendation enough.

    If you believe it is possible Putin is funding Greenpeace (I do not believe it impossible but would like evidence) one must believe Greenpeace’s claim not to accept government money is a lie (I have no problem believing that).

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