Climategate, Mons Graupius and #indyref

After finishing an article on my political blog (Scottish Independent People) I suddenly realised how divergent the themes were and I just wanted to share that thought:

Climategate: a question of the nature of science and evidence on one of the most global issues: the global climate.

Mons Graupius: the battle that in effect turned the tide of Roman expansion in Britain and obviously important in its own right following my recent discovery (Iconic Caledonian battle of Mons Graupius located.) But like Climategate, this also raises questions about the nature of evidence but this time in the location and identification of the site of this iconic battle of Caledonian independence.

#indyref: it was the way I had put the hashtag in the title and forgot to make use of it, that made me realise that this was not only about the sense of national identity, nationhood and national sovereignty implied in the Scottish independence debate, but this was also a twitter hashtag – symbolising the most modern up to date and almost instantaneous communication. That contrasts with the way, the Caledonians are often perceived as being “beyond the known world” and therefore ignorant natives with no knowledge of the Roman world. The reality we glimpse, is that whilst they were far from Rome, they knew much about the Roman atrocities in other countries.

Also whilst minor there were several allusions of equally divergent yet somehow related themes:

  • The US declaration of independence
  • Declaration of independence
  • The bringing of early Christianity to Britain
  • The Israel – Palestinian conflict (stemming from the Roman occupation)
  • The nature of time (I use the correct 138AD not the frankly idiotic 138CE/13BCE  – where the 8 & B can easily be confused – which I have done at least once).


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3 Responses to Climategate, Mons Graupius and #indyref

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  2. TinyCO2 says:

    This will cheer you up. Dr Lew thinks we believe in conspiracy theories because we theorised his work was so bad it must be a Big Oil plot to make warmists look bad.

    • But last time I looked big oil were giving 100s of millions to academics like Lewandowsky to hatch these plots to suggest that big oil are paying us to hatch conspiracy theories to show that Lewandowsky is a nutcase.

      Here’s a story that will cheer you up – my mother in law was saying how a group of her older persons “keep fit group” started talking about how there was no climate change. Only one in the group (an ex-teacher) thought there was anything to be concerned about.

      Lewandowsky is now a very small minority within a group in society (teachers/academics) which are themselves a very small minority.

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