Where’s our trampoline?

I woke up this morning looked at the window to see the bins all lying flat and rubbish hurtling down the road. And then I noticed something missing … “where’s our trampoline”?


Trampline … found impaled on the post to the right (tear just visible)

I had secured a few things like our bins the night before, but I thought the trampoline would be OK and the wind didn’t seem that bad. Slapping on clothes and boots I rushed outside expecting to find it embedded in some tree, pinning down some old lady or worse embedded in some window or car.


Bins spewing rubbish

It turned out the trampoline had made its way between our house and the next and impaled itself on the pillar at the end of the wall. The trampoline is now a right-off.

Of course, it had to be bin day. So all the bins have now blown over. The wind was obviously quite strong as next door’s flower pot blew over and all the trains have been cancelled.

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2 Responses to Where’s our trampoline?

  1. TinyCO2 says:

    Trampolines seem to be a regular victim of wind.

  2. happy Global warming Scotty!

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