Wallstreet journal: skeptics, skeptics everywhere …

I’ve just had a rather unnerving feeling reading the comments on the article “Climate of Uncertainty“. There clearly have been one or more warmists commenting because there are replies to their comments … but I could not find them.

Seriously, I’m sure I read one when I first started reading the comments, but when I went back to look, I couldn’t find any warmists comments.

This is quite alarming. There are 347 comments, so it is clearly fairly well known. From memory the WallStreet journal was not a sceptic journal. The article is fairly balanced. I’m starting to try to think of reasons why warmists would be all but missing. Perhaps it is an obscure blog under the journal. Perhaps warmists are all watching something on TV.

Unfortunately, it’s a bit catch 22: unless or until warmists start posting (if they ever do ….) it isn’t possible to know why they aren’t posting.

All I can say is that at least in the case of this article … the warmists have (almost) all left the field.

Does this mean we have won?

Addendum … How stupid of me!!!

How could I forget. The US government has shut down all unessential departments like the EPA so all the government employed warmists trolls are having a day off!

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2 Responses to Wallstreet journal: skeptics, skeptics everywhere …

  1. I have never found an alarmist site that does not make censorship their last resort, except for those who make it their first.

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