IPCC, Hillsborough and lead balloons

Sitting down I decided to have a look and see what the reaction to the IPCC report was. The first two items were:

  • Hillsborough inquest in same town as IPCC investigation
  • Police probe into Lynette murder satisfies IPCC

For anyone from outside the UK the IPCC is the “Independent Police Complaints Commission”. Hillsborough happened many years and I’ve not heard of the Lynette murder. Going down to the climate articles we have:

Pretty much the only media who have covered this (if the google search ranking is anything to go by) is the BBC – even the Guardian is missing!

It has gone down like a lead balloon handed to a drowning man.

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5 Responses to IPCC, Hillsborough and lead balloons

  1. Good point. I had noticed that 24 hours later it had disappeared from the BBC’s Ceefax or whatever it is called except for a single mention on their “Science” list.

  2. Are we about to enter the period I would call:

    “pretend it never happened”.

    This occurs after the media realise that either a) there is no mileage left trying to write frightening articles because every knows bird flu is just ordinary flu, or the millennium occurred and nothing happened, etc. or b) they realise they got it wrong and don’t want to have to admit it.

    Usually the “pretend it never happen” phase is the last because the media and politicians can just walk away from a scam like this and because all the media and politicians were in collusion to benefit from the scam, none of them have any interest in dissecting what happened.

    But the elephant in the room is that people are still going to get bird-mincer farms, there still will be thousands of civil servants employed to “spread the message” and the government are legally obliged to buy so much carbon indulgences per year … and UKIP never bought into it.

    Indeed, I think there is going to be a very nasty sting in the tail. The less people who are being affected by this scam hear about the “need” to tackle global warming, the more angry they will get that they are the ones suffering when there was no need at all for anyone to do anything.

    … and we may well see the media turn and realise that there is a lot of news-print to be sold attacking those politicians who signed up for the non-science.

    … then we may well see a race to be most anti-wind pro-fossil fuel between labour and Tories. Tories have already said they want an end to new wind farms, labour have now come out with their “blame the power companies for the price rise”.

    • There are also 25,000 dead pensioners foe each year, obscenely high electricity bills for all and a wholly unnecessary recession. On the other hand they did manage to walk away from the cooling scare an d dozens of others and pretend they never happened. In the 3rd hand it is impossible for them to, at the same time claim no involvement and defend themselves for being involved. In war the main casualties are not inflicted in battle but in pursuit of a rout.

  3. TinyCO2 says:

    There will be some dismay amongst the warmist media that there’s really nothing ‘worse then we thought’ in this thing. Indeed, if the IPCC had dealt with the pause they’d have had to admit that things were better than they expected. The climate luvvies all thought they’d be pointing to category 6 hurricanes, a few lost tropical islands and a coastal house price crash by now. I’d even bet that warmist media gurus are beginning to see dinner party invites dry up. Climate change is soooo 2006. They need to be reminded that real life is not the movies. Even for the worst case scenarios in the IPCC report, the rapid warming doesn’t start for decades and at the lower level we’d have barely shifted by 2050. Not really very impressive to be told that scientists are 95% sure that almost nothing will happen for at least 40 years. No Pullitzer Prize for journos reporting on stuff that isn’t happening and won’t be resolved before they retire.

    In the meantime the BBC, HuffPo and Guardian will still enjoy trying to turn an enthusiastically capitalist world into their left wing utopia. Composting, solar panels and organic veg. Sigh. Unfortunately spending public money has become something of a hobby for all sides of the political spectrum. The only difference is what useless white elephant it lands on. The public are little better, quite happy to splash higher and higher salaries on people like nurses who, far from being diligent angels are now jaded graduates who are overqualified to actually do the basic, dirty work of looking after people. With all the other extravagances, why not blow cash you don’t have on an electricity system that doesn’t work but makes you feel good about yourself? AGW is just an excuse to make life seem more exciting and relevant.

    I think we’re nationally suffering from the same mental patterns as many individuals who get into impossible debt. They continue to fritter money away in a vain attempt to cheer themselves up. They invent stupid things to worry about rather than deal with the red bills sitting in the kitchen drawer. They try to forget their worries with endless drinking, drugs and partying. They keep hoping that something momentous will happen so they don’t have to face up to reality.

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