I am resigning as Scottish UKIP Energy Spokesman to fight IPCC climate science corruption

I am not a Nazi Paedophile, but you would think so if you believed the hate speech directed at people like me by certain politicians and sections of the media and this hate speech is fuelled by those like the IPCC who mislead the public.

As a sceptic I have grown used to harsh treatment. So, when I went to the Royal Society Meeting on Climate in October last year I expected to have a hostile reception. I was there to hear Professor Judith Curry speak to the assembled climate scientists. She was there to say that in light of the failure of the models to predict the current pause in warming, the climate models were not fit for purpose as a basis for government policy. I astonished by the friendly reception, but I was bowled over to find that not one of those present, including many from the UK Met Office, were willing to say the models were fit for purpose. This was incredible – I thought the end was in sight – they had finally realised their models don’t work. I could get a paid job!

As Chairman of the Scottish Climate & Energy Forum I am acutely aware that the views of sceptics have been widely misreported and as a consequence we have been under repeated vicious attacks. Several BBC presenters have likened us Paedophiles. Chris Huhne when a UK government minister likened us to Nazis. It is not unknown to read on the internet calls for us to be put into concentration camps or even “exterminated”. And what was our crime? To be sceptical of the models.

It turned out that even the climate modellers are just as sceptical as us of their own models.

In fact there was very little disagreement between sceptics and those at the “coal face” of climate science on most aspects. We agree the models failed to predict the pause. We agree that doubling CO2 has a greenhouse effect leading to about 1C rise in temperature. We agree that CO2 is beneficial to plants and that a 1C rise would likely have net positive effects. Where we disagree is whether the higher level of warming seen from 1970 to 2000 must be caused by human activity.

In light of the recognition I saw at the Royal Society meeting that the models had failed, I thought it would be only a matter of time before the climate scientists “came clean”. So, I thought my efforts would be best directed to the political arena to help ensure the speedy dismantling of the climate change legislation. That did not happen. Now leaks from the latest IPCC report show the IPCC are still in denial and claiming almost unequivocal certainty which flies in the face of the evidence.

In particular, it is claimed that the increase in global temperatures since the late 1800s is too large to be reasonably attributed to natural random variation. That claim is arguably the biggest reason for concern about global warming. Lord Donoughue has pursued this matter in a series of parliamentary questions which contrary to all convention were not properly answered till the sixth attempt. It then turned out that the claim (to paraphrase) that “mankind must have done it” has no basis, and scientists at the Met Office have been trying to cover that up.

In light of these compelling statistics and the failure of climate models it would be irrational to state an increased confidence that humans are causing the majority of warming. But that is what the leaks show the IPCC intend to do. This is a delusional claim.

Given the many scandals revealed such as Climategate, we can rightly criticise the politicians for being gullible about the credibility of the IPCC . But when science itself is corrupt, it is very difficult for politicians & civil servants to reject the “scientific” advice they are given. As such the real fight is not in politics but the corrupt practices in climate science which continue with this IPCC report. Therefore I am standing down from my position as UKIP Scotland energy spokesman to devote my time, firstly in order to fight this hate speech by those like the BBC, but more importantly to fight the continued corruption of climate science as shown by the latest IPCC report.

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4 Responses to I am resigning as Scottish UKIP Energy Spokesman to fight IPCC climate science corruption

  1. Saying that: today is warmer planet than in the 70’s is concocted mythology. Concocted because in the 70’s they were going for GLOBAL cooling because of CO2 ”dimming effect” to then turned into GLOBAL warming (massaged numbers in both directions – first that is cooling more than normal – to warming — scrutiny at that time was non-existent)

    b] nobody knows what is overall GLOBAL temp; because nobody is monitoring the temp on the whole globe

    • John Oh says:

      Nobody knows what is overall GLOBAL temp is: Not only this, but it changes all over the place. We are supposed to be coming out of an ice age: This was taught to me at primary school. Temperature misinformation was created out of badly place temperature recorders. Try putting a thermometer in your back yard and see how it affects it in different places. Over the years built up areas retained heat due to new structures. Staying with the lies the IPCC are telling us, and agreeing with each other about whats causing it is certainly is not science. It becomes political show i=us the real reason for this”certainty”

    • John, you are spot on; see and tell me what you think about this post: http://globalwarmingdenier.wordpress.com/climate/

  2. Fighting climate delusion from the IPCC is often like trying to move one log whilst standing on another. As you suggest, there is no safe footing. The “global temperature” log is as you suggest no more secure than any other of the ideas, however it is big enough and stable enough to use as a lever against the more flimsy ideas promoted by the climate delusion.

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