What made you a climate sceptic?

Are climate sceptics born sceptics or does something happen to make them change their mind? Is there something in the background or outlook of sceptics. Do we share certain political views (as warmists assert) are me mad (as some insane Australian academic rants), or have we formed our views from our greater life experiences than the average climate scientist?

What is it that makes someone a climate sceptic?

How much do we know about science – I have a science degree with a background in commercial engineering. Is this typical? Are we predominantly graduates in science & engineering? How many of us work in the public sector and how many the private?

If you would like to help me answer this please add some details about yourself.
(Answer from non-sceptics are also most welcome)

First me:

  1. Am I a Sceptic?
    Yes I’m a sceptic
  2. Do I have a Degree?
    I have a science/engineering degree (and MBA)
  3. My Occupation?
    I used to be an manager & engineer and then ran my own business
  4. What led to my views?
    The clear bias of those involved; lack of “fairness” and professional rigour; the obviousness of better explanations particularly natural variation which were being repressed; the outlandish doomsday predictions and lack of evidence supporting them; the failure of predictions, and the “public spirited” blitz-type attitude of the unfunded sceptics whose heroic efforts in the face of big-green-business and other big organisations deserved support.
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2 Responses to What made you a climate sceptic?

  1. nzrobin says:

    1. I am a sceptic. 2. I have an honours degree in electrical engineering. 3. I work for an electricity distribution company doing electricity network planning, modelling and specification. 4. I initially just wanted to know what all the fuss was about. I looked around and found Heartlands NY climate conference and downloaded all the powerpoints and mp3s. Having listened to about 70 top sceptic scientists (some I listened to several times) I was introduced to many blogs, and good thinking.

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