King of the fools

David King former chief scientist having realised that Kyoto, his former folly was dead, now wants to build another.

So, let’s start with the basics. There are something like 6 or 7 billion people on the planet. If there were only 3billion, we’d all be able to consume as much carbon as we are now, but we would reduce CO2 emissions by half. It’s quite painless, just a bit of simple birth control and problem solved. No one goes without fossil fuels, indeed, we may even be able to increase standards of living without increasing CO2.

Now, that’s what you believed CO2 were a problem and really wanted people to maintain their present standard of living.
So, what is King Fools idea? To reward countries with larger populations! To put it simply, he wants countries to get rewarded by having the biggest populations. Or more accurately, he wants to reward the ruling elites of the countries which encourage their populations to expand the most (even if they don’t get the benefit of increased fossil fuel use).

And don’t start on thinking about the practicalities. What government is going to reduce population numbers if it means a cut in their carbon quota? Not only will the real population sky rocket, but the “virtual” population will also. Soon, there will be small villages in the middle of the African jungle (hidden by the trees) with billions of people.

So what next? A United nations “population police” to check on numbers?

Not only does it not address the problem it seeks to address, but it actively encourages increasing population which increases the problem  and it is a total none-starter in terms of practicalities.

What next I wonder? A perpetual motion machine? Or perhaps a wheel tax, a tree tax or perhaps a special tax which is inversely proportional to the number of endangered species a country has … thereby encouraging every countrie to ensure all its species are endangered?

Link? You think I’m linking to the Guardian … oops I wasn’t going to admit I even looked at the Guardian, but sorry I saw the story first and I didn’t notice until too late it was in the Guardian … that’s my excuse, and if you want to read it yourself, I’m not giving any encouragement to go read that trash.

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