BBC – sometimes it pays to let the zealots “win”.

In retrospect I think we have a lot to thank the Jones report to the BBC. The assumption must have been that if you took an impartial scientist, and asked them to look at the coverage, they would give a meaningful impartial analysis etc. etc.

Instead, almost no one except Jones and a few zealots will be fooled by this report. The reason they asked for the review was concern that there was bias. And far from an impartial assessment, they were told: “the BBC is biased … but not against the sceptics … but in their favour”.

There will be fair minded people in the BBC who realise that their output has been biased against sceptics, but no doubt they thought this was just that no one had actively sought to schedule balancing material. Now they see for themselves just how lacking in impartiality are “scientists” like Jones, and they even find themselves being labelled “deniers” simply for advocating that the BBC broadcasts those who oppose the “scientific” view.

The BBC are already in a death spiral. They are already so biased they cannot find a way to stem the growth of their bias. That is why they couldn’t appoint someone who wasn’t less biased than themselves to review their output. That is why the output of the review will be to accelerate the decline: more people of an impartial mindset decide to leave, that the zealots will have more say, and as the zealots gain more and more power that the output becomes so biased that not even the open minded British public can fail to spot the bigotry within the BBC. At which point it will simply lack the ability to curb that spiral into decline and the British public will not be able to stomach the huge cost that is being demanded for the few good programs the bigoted BBC will be able to produce.

There is a saying I learnt when learning Judo: “you work with your opponent: you turn the force of the opponent toward the fall”. In essence, this meant that if the opponent was pushing one way, you would turn to push the same way but in such a way as to trip the opponent up into a fall to the ground.

Resistance is useless … so let’s encourage the BBC to let it become all that the internal zealots would desire and then see how it falls!

I’ve got a major project coming up this week and a holiday, so I’m not going to be able to post as I have been doing for the next month.

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