“I never got any choco squares” … please please give us some global warming!

The kids are on holiday, except for a short period last week, the weather has been foul for months. Indeed last winter and last summer and the winter before have all been on the cold side. Bored kids, cold weather and endless petty disputes about Choco square breakfast cereals … I really do wish this blasted global warming were true!

To be frank, I cannot remember a summer like it. The kids have been trapped indoors, it was June before I managed to cut the Grass for the second time this year (it just rained and rained and rained and it wasn’t dry enough to cut).

Even when it’s sunny, the weather is cold (the sky “feels” cold). I know England has had some kind of warm or dry spell, so don’t think I’m trying to suggest this is the start of sunspot induced global cooling … but it sure does feel like it!

All we need is just a couple of degrees warmer. 16C means the kids sit around inside watching TV. 18C means the doors are flung open and they go outside. 12C as we’ve had at times means we huddle around the fire or put the laptop on our knees pretending we are surfing the web looking for pronography whereas all we really crave is a bit of warmth from the PSU.

And to cap it all there are idiots in Holyrood (holywood?) who think we Scots want to fork out another £150 on our bills (on top of the £50? already) to stop it getting warm enough we don’t need to run the central heating all year around (we can’t afford it but next door does!)

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2 Responses to “I never got any choco squares” … please please give us some global warming!

  1. Chris says:

    Grow up man, call yourself a native of Northern Britain ?

    Crack open an Irn Bru and let the sugar rush warm you up 🙂

  2. Stonyground says:

    Not exactly toasty in East Yorkshire either. Spring 2010 was really cold and my veggie plot faired quite badly, especially sweetcorn. This year May and June were very dry and I had to do quite a bit of watering. Since then it has been showery and cold. Global warming is getting to be a harder and harder sell.

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