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I really can’t understand the naivety of people. News of the World aren’t closing because it hacked, it is closing because Rupert Murdoch knows newspapers aren’t making money and was going to close it anyway.

But more importantly, whilst he was no doubt going to close it sometime, the reason it is closing now is well … somehow I suspect an awful lot of incriminating evidence that links to people higher up will somehow find its way into the bin. This isn’t a publicity stunt …

The police have hardly come out of this with any credit: it is now an open secret that the police are regularly paid for inside information. It is an open secret that Rupert Murdoch has been running the political system in Britain for years. It is an open secret that anyone who resists News International, like Tommy Sheridan will end up having their lives destroyed. It is therefore an open secret that if a proper investigation were carried out into the News of the World: delving into all its dirty secrets, then not only would a lot of criminality be discovered in the paper, but also a lot amongst the police, politicians and other public offices.

ADDENDUM – BskyB consultation closes Friday 12 noon

The Government are still looking to go ahead and let Rupert Murdoch gain more control over our media. If he does, he will wait for the dust to settle and be back to his old tricks.

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7 Responses to News of the World

  1. Perhaps but it is a possibly less open secret that broadcasting in Britain is essentially a monopoly of the BBC and people they approve of and that this monopoly. legally committed to “balance” is in fact the propaganda arm of the British state (along with the Guardian which survives on government advertising). Murdoch’s attempt to buy all of Sky would weaken that monopoly slightly.

    I do not consider it a coincidence that this scandal, which journalists of all newspapers have been guilty of for years, has suddenly broken on Murdoch’s head alone.

    Last night the BBC news was almost entirely devoted to this story; followed by Question Time where all the questions selected by the BBC except for 1 in the last 3 minutes were the same; followed by Andrew Neil onn the same. 2 1/2 hours on this story and virtually none on the rest of the world’s news That would be hustified id we were seeing a breaking news story like 9/11 but for nothing less.

    PS The Guardian have a record of hacking and publishing private emails themselves & the PCC of supporting them doing so. Somewhat hypocritical of them to “break” a story about NoTW doing so with disapproval.

    • Yes! The BBC are despicable. But as long as you have organisations like News International literally perverting the UK political system, the BBC will continue to justify its clear and open bias as a “balance” with News International.

      And do you really think News Corp cares anything more about my electricity and gas bill than the BBC!

      Ideally they’d be a pox on both their houses. No one organisation (BBC or News Corps) should ever again be allowed to dominate the UK media!

  2. Of the 2 I would say NI is the more concerned since I think experience shows the BBC have done everythjing possible to promote ecofascism, windmillery, catastrophic warming and the rest of these frauds. NI have been moderately sceptical about such frauds.

    I hold no brief for any MSM hournalists who havem almost without exception, proven they are willing to censor any fact and tell any lie to promote government fascism, up to and including lying and censoring to promote our government’s racial genocide and dissection of living people to steal their body organs in Kosovo.

    Nonetheless it is worth differentiating between the various levels of eveil of these obscene animals. I do not think it can reasonably be said that there is anybody in the BBC who is not dozens of times more fishonest than the perjurer Coulson.

  3. Neil, as I’ve said before: there are none so dishonest as the righteously dishonest!

    Those who lie but know they are being dishonest know that their corruption is ultimately detrimental to the society in which they, their children, their grandchildren, will have to live. Those who know they are being dishonest, therefore would prefer everyone else to be honest and ultimately their affect is limited.

    But the righteously dishonest … those who believe that they have to “push the truth” to save the rest … they will do so without limit because they are trying to “save” us all. And because many will see what they do as “good” they will be allowed to lie and lie and lie and lie.

    Personally, I just hope that Cameron takes the can! Because anyone else but that “I’m green to get elected” moron would be preferrably.

  4. Douglas Carswell has gone out of his way on his blog today to say “I told you so” about Coulson. I share your opinion of Vameron – he is Blair-lite. I recently wrote (19th May my blog) on how Newsnight had lied to get the Tories to choose him.

  5. Dizzy Ringo says:

    I suggest you have a look at Autonomous Mind on the subject – are the BBC and Grauniad really so above reproach?

  6. Douglas DC says:

    I’m no fan or Murdoch either. Here in the USA we Fox ‘All Casey Anthony All the Time!”
    News. We got rid of the TV because of that…

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