I was reading WUWT, and came across a comment:

“As is our stated blog policy, no discussions or linkages to discussion of chemtrails will be permitted. Grousing about it won’t change anything.” (WUWT)

This is an odd comment. First it assumes that people know what “chemtrails” are, because how can you reframe from posting on something if you don’t know what it is? Secondly, on a blog whose whole premise is that there has been a conspiracy on global warming (which is undoubtedly true give the scam of the climategate inquiries) to reject outright any discussion of other possible conspiracies seems a bit like the pot calling the kettle black.

But is it? For years there have been suggestions that the police have been paid by journalists to supply information. I personally ran a small village website, and I just couldn’t fathom out how the local paper could obtain the inside information on police matters if they weren’t unusually “friendly” with the local police. Likewise, it is unusually difficult to get any real criticism of the police in the newspapers. Now it appears that a lot of that “conspiracy theory” was well founded. It seems that regular payments to police was (is) as much part of police culture as was (is?) MPs expenses.

Obviously the chemtrail conspiracy which suggests that some trails left by aircraft are actually chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for a purpose undisclosed to the general public may be a bit far fetched, but personally I would prefer to see the evidence being presented rather than being repressed.

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3 Responses to Chemtrails

  1. lapogus says:

    I also saw Anthony’s statement and thought it incongruous on a science blog. But it is Anthony’s blog and I didn’t make a comment. Not that I am am a believer in the chemtrails conspiracy theory, like most conspiracy theories, at least 95% of the stuff on the web is crap, and I very much doubt that there is a widespread chemtrail programme. But I would not be surprised if there has been an occasional government instigated or black op where chemicals have been sprayed from one or two military or possibly even commercial aircraft. In fact I recall reading about a town in north-west America where people became after strange deposits fell following military flights, and the Guardian reported about 10 years ago that chemicals were sprayed over south west England by the RAF, in the post war years. Just found the link for the latter:,4273,4398507,00.html – quite astonishing.

    Anthony also has a closed mind towards the considerable scientific, eyewitness and video evidence for the twin towers and WTC7 to have been brought down by explosives – again 95% of the stuff on the web is crap (e.g. the no planes theory and space weapons bollocks), but search for the presentations, papers and videos by Steven Jones, Jeff Farer, Mark Basile, David Chandler, Neils Harrit and Gordon Ross – many links to these at – and the case is very compelling for the towers to have been brought down by explosives and the use of nano-thermitic materials.

    Kudos to you Mike for your open mind.

    • To update you, I tried to post two comments commenting on the policy … not so much in disagreement as by way of saying: “Even though I don’t want to comment on Chemtrails (and it would help if you said what they were!!!) I don’t think I can comment where there is a policy restricting ANY discussion.

      It speaks volumes that my posts were not printed.

      What’s more annoying, is that there is often good science in these conspiracy theories … both in the development of the theory and in the analysis proving they are not very likely. On the chemtrails conspiracy, I’d be interested to known whether you could achieve anything this way – wouldn’t any droplet evaporate leaving particles so small they are just carried off by the wind?

  2. Douglas DC says:

    Not a Chemtrail guy myself. Professional Pilot, 11,000 hr. 28yrs. in Aviation Government
    Contractor, worked for DOE,DOD,US,ARMY, US Air Force. Battelle Ntl. Laboratory.
    NRC, and ah, others. My problem with all the hoopla surrounding Chemtrails is exactly as you
    said -what would you achieve in dispersing fine particles in the Atmosphere so low that they are affected by winds aloft, notably the Jet-stream. The only thing that I have heard of hanging around is CFC’s even at that they are not forever and they are an industrial by product.
    I have done a fair amount of flying sensor trips at mid altitudes, up to FL 250-280.
    never has anyone or any thing talked seen or dealt wit Chemtrails .. This would require
    a massive conspiracy that would break down at a moment’s notice. someone,somewhere
    would blab,period. you have to have a massive structural investment, Spray rigs,(not the
    easiest to hide. Tanks, and chemicals, etc.Also where are the loading facilities, People

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