Which collapses first? The Euro or Global Warming?

It’s interesting to compare the two charades: The Euro and Manmade warming. Both of them exist in the absence of any substantial material support, and almost exclusively due to a huge political pressure that “wants” them to exist. In one sense, it is quite amazing that people can achieve so much with so little, in another sense it just shows how we really haven’t progressed as a society since WWII and how someone like Hitler could still easily lead an advanced nation down the road of ruin. But back to the present crisis(es … is that the plural?)

In the case of the Euro, we have numerous countries each with their own economies, each therefore going at their own economic speed, but somehow despite the obvious fact that they are different economic units, nothing but human will power and a “definition” of economic unity have linked them together under one currency.

Of course, the Euro cannot change the fundamentals: it cannot make Greece as prosperous as Germany, or to put it another way, it cannot force Germany to sacrifice its economy in order to boost Greece and create economic parity which is what is needed if two economic units are to share a common currency.

Likewise, the “belief in warming”, cannot change the facts about natural variation. That belief can change the apparent temperature by so distorting the temperature record and the “science”, interpreting that record, that for a short time it can hide the fact the real world does not support the belief.

But … like the Euro, sooner or later real temperatures, like real economies, will divulge so much from the myth that has been created, that no amount of political willpower, coercion, “hiding the decline”, propaganda, myth creation and outright fabrication of the statistics will be able to prevent everyone realising that the reality is far different from the myth.

Of course, the biggest difference is that it is possible to physically align currencies … in effect to remove local economic control and replace it with one “empire” of Europe, but I doubt that is acceptable, so it is pretty inevitable that the Euro will collapse, obviously the biggest cracks will be between those economies which differ most in their “speed” and so develop the greatest mismatch soonest, but as all economies are independent, and so move at different speeds, sooner or later they will all reach sufficient mismatch to create the same “cracks” and one after another they will depart the Euro.

The big question, though is which will happen first? Will the real climate force global warmist to drop global warming before or after the real different speeds of the Euro countries force them to drop the Euro?

Both are slow process, the rate at which climate divulges from the myth is decades, the rate at which currencies mismatch their economies is a few percent a year. The Euro has been going since 1 January 1999, when the former European Currency Unit (ECU) was replaced by Euro coins and banknotes entered circulation on 1 January 2002. But, the attempt to align the currencies/economies goes back further: back to 1989 when France extracted German commitment to the Monetary Union in return for support for German reunification. The myth of warming has been going … since the myth of global cooling got blown out the water in the 1970s, but the real political support didn’t start until around 1990 … about the same time everyone starting worrying about the millennium bug!! (And they say there is always madness around the millennium!)

So the reality is that European countries have been trying to maintain economic parity for around the same 20 years that the global warming myth has been going. 20 years during which even at a modest differential economic growth rate of 0.5%, would now create a massive 10% divergence between economic “strength” and currency “strength”. 20 years, during which even a modest 0.05C/year supposed warming would now have reached 1C … enough for everyone to see whether or not it was happening.

Perhaps an even more interesting question, is whether one might precipitate the other? It is quite clear that if when the Euro fails, the myth of European political Union will also fail and along with it all the stupid goals like “death by renewables”. But could it work the other way around? Could the failure of the political establishment to show suitable scepticism on the “proven facts of science”, undermine their credibility with the “proven facts of monetary Union”?

Interesting time!

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