Global warming is dead in the MSM

About a week ago I happened by chance to check the level of news on Peak oil compared to Global Warming and noticed something dramatic: the news level of “peak oil” was just a  little below that of “global warming”. In my naivety I assumed this was part of the long term trend of decreasing interest in Global Warming and rising interest in peak oil (for obvious reasons given the current price of oil).

So, imagine my reaction when I brought up a graph showing the trend in these two news stories. First, I found the number of stories on peak oil was not rising rapidly as I expected, but something dramatic happened to the Main Stream Media coverage of global warming in Jan

It fell off a cliff!

OK, it should have been obvious, the way all the sceptics seem to have been struggling to find any decent global warming news content (either positive or negative) to put our blogs, but when you see the graph its obvious why we can’t find anything: the main stream media are no longer printing the garbage. At first I wondered whether this could possibly be some mass concerted effort by all the “scientists” and NGO to stop pumping out the neverendum speculation that has so undermined the scam, but then the real reason struck me.

It’s as if the cold weather last winter flicked a switch. One month global warming was heading the news, the next it was dead in the water.

For graphs see: google

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39 Responses to Global warming is dead in the MSM

  1. Brian H says:

    Interesting; editors and reporters have a somewhat lower tolerance for talking and looking like ijits than rent-seeking scientists and their ‘crat enablers!

    Whoda thunk?

  2. Brian H says:

    P.S. Your graphs could communicate better if there were some magnitude scales on the y-axis. It’s only common courtesy.

    • Brian, google doesn’t provide a vertical scale. From observation my assumption is that they are something like percentage of all news stories.

      That is why its important to compare the two graphs of peak oil and global warming. Individually both will be quite susceptible to non-energy events, such as a big Royal Wedding or some sports contest pushing other news out of the paper, so a dip could be due to a non-energy related story or even a general increased/decreased interest in energy.

      But a comparison removes much of the noise and should be a quite sensitive test because it shows how the carbon industry is moving to what I see as their next scare: the “peak-oil news-scare industry”.

  3. NikFromNYC says:

    Now what? I still have so much fight in me. We won.

    It was *that* easy?

    Good men took notice of evil and merely quenched it, trivially and casually?

    Nipped it in the bud.


    Where are our medals?

    Par for the course, I guess.

    Like a magnet THEY, the *other*, the enemy of the human race, like Martians, were attracted like flies to JUNK SCIENCE. A huge myriad frockfull of them. God what a wonderful Trojan Horse we scientists sent them, eh? A backwater little trivial fit or two. A microscopic religion. They bought into it, jet setting politicians included.

    I feel like a guy with Bug Bomb insect killing spray can, wiping out human cockroaches.

    Did they offer no value?

    What possible real warning did they offer us before they threw themselves off of cliffs?

    I think the warning was to STOP allowing old presidents to dominate our paper money, but instead we must go back to insisting that both Edison light bulbs and nice boobies to feature on our greenbacks:


    • After WWII there were many small islands where Japanese soldiers hung out for years in the belief that they were still fighting WWII. A better analogy is Libya. We may have stopped the onward assault by the warmistas, but we are very far from forcing them into a rout. They still have a formidable propaganda machine of chum-viewed journals churning out warmista nonsense. Whilst they currently lack the wider media interest to do much damage we are very far from using that media to inflict defeat on them. They will continue to be dangerous awaiting another freak weather event to pour their vile into the public’s ear until someone either actively turfs them out or they just give up.

      • NikFromNYC says:

        It’s good to know I’m not totally alone on this island. But if commie tree huggers toss truly happy hippies under the bus, toss them out to pasture and move on, then we will be once again outflanked by subtle instead of pointed machinations. Global Warming was a massive sticky roach trap that corralled most of the crazy people on our planet into a singular new Scientology level of sophistication cult religion. In my mind if we keep fighting this singular battle, indeed we will merely ending up fighting entrenched men in caves, the stuff of eccentric stories, but not necessarily of any use to our children. The NASTY people, the “player haters”, the Chicken Littles, will scatter and regroup as we soldiers of science get bogged down in backwater bullshit.

        I guess it’s always been like that. Yeah, that puts a smile on my face.

        “The joke we always knew.” – David Bowie

        Good biding to you, dear sir, but I was just gearing up for a fight and now I think I need to instead wind it down instead since I detect that the public on most continents are now savvy to Mike and Keith and Phil’s wacky world. I’m too intense for clean up operations.

        This graphic was my main weapon.

        I never, not *once* received a competent blow against it. Had I, I would have scrapped it.

        In real life I’m just a goofy bachelor, proud of my Columbia/Harvard training in science.

    • hunter says:

      You are celebrating a wee bit too early.
      The fat lady has not even begun to warm up, much less sing.
      AGW believers are not going to go gently into the night.
      They are winning in most political arenas, and in the US at least, the ambulance chasers are planning a major war in friendly court venues to impose by judicial fiat the goals of the AGW fanatics.

      • NikFromNYC says:

        I can now go out in public on the Upper West Side of NYC and talk about Global Warming fraud for the first year in ten in which people become interested instead of fighting mad. Yes, I know fanatics are out there, in Politics Land. They don’t live around me. I’m on 110th and Broadway. Mostly Columbia students, right around James Hanson’s penthouse above Tom’s Diner. And it’s over. People are suddenly CURIOUS instead of wrathful about “global warming skepticism”. So it’s not subversive enough for me any more.

        I think the “scientific debate” is now passe. We won. Mann and Briffa hockey sticks were bunkum, bogus and bravado based hokum and EVERYBODY know it. But that was what started it all out.

        I don’t have enough hatred in me to switch to ridicule tactics, which is what is now in order. I hope you do. They are hiding out. I can’t even *fine* many large readership articles to creatively comment upon any more.

        What do you want me to do, covertly join Greenpeace? Hidden cameras? That might be fun!

  4. alexjc38 says:

    The slight December peak for global warming stories was probably due to Cancun, and I think we’ll probably see a (smaller?) one for Durban this year. But I agree, for the UK media especially, December’s record cold appears to have been something of a “tipping point.”

  5. jheath says:

    But then DEFRA produces a junk press release on what is probably a junk report, and Telegraph and Guardian run with it (and an unflattering picture of the hapless Ms Spelman). But at least the comments at the Telegraph and on blogs covering the article are pretty much 100% deprecating.

  6. jcrabb says:

    Hooray! now the IPCC’s predictions will get the ultimate validity test, no doubt all those corrupt Scientists of NASA etc will be quivering in their boots now that Humanity has seen through their chicanery.

  7. David Schofield says:

    I gave a sceptics lecture on AGW to a couple of hundred University journalism students a while back. I suggested that they could make a career out of turning it around and writing about the failed predictions, waste, impact on children , fraud etc..

    I got a lot of them coming up to me and saying how much they agreed and how sceptical they were. They were amazed at some basic facts [they even checked them on their laptops in the lecture]. The future is bright.

    • hunter says:

      That is good news.
      I just wrote to a journalist acquaintance of mine, asking him in regards to some AGW junk article he wrote, when we would start seeing some articles on the same issues you mentioned to the students.
      Sadly, my friend did not answer my question yet.

  8. Orson says:

    So what happened in January, 2011? Republicans took over the US House of Representatives – where spending bills originate – from the pro-AGW Democrats. Therefore, editors know that the politics of global warming policy action is now grim indeed. Why waste effort?

    • hunter says:

      You have been misinformed about how power moves around in the US.
      We are all still highly vulnerable to AGW extremist policy demands.
      It will take a relentless and long term effort to gain enough people for an effective push back against AGW in the public square.
      To roughly paraphrase what a wise person once noted regarding a different challenge, we are not at the beginning of the end, but we are perhaps near the end of the beginning.

  9. Jack Savage says:

    As a regular reader of the Guardian newspaper and listener and watcher of the BBC’s output….I wish I could say the same as regards these two august bodies.

  10. Theo Goodwin says:

    It seems to me that the MSM is only part of the propaganda apparatus. In the US, government continues its powerful efforts in behalf of the AGW scam. All public school children are taught that some version of AGW is true. In addition to the propaganda, Obama’s appointee at EPA, Lisa Jackson, pushes ahead with regulation of CO2. These things have to be rolled back. It seems to me that Britain faces worse problems, maybe death by windmill. Isn’t it true that existing energy policy in Britain has to be rolled back? I do not believe that efforts against the climate scam can decline without great harm to all of us.

    I do not mean to minimize the importance of the change in the MSM. It is a great and wonderful event that sceptics can reasonably claim as an achievement.

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  13. Turboblocke says:

    …the main stream media are no longer printing the garbage.
    An alternative theory could be that it just isn’t news to most of the world.
    Another idea is that the GOP in the US knows it can’t argue science in the global warming debate, so now they are framing the issue as fuel prices or taxes, hence less MSM use of your keywords.

    …something dramatic happened to the Main Stream Media coverage of global warming in Jan
    It fell off a cliff!

    Actually it was in February that there was a dramatic decline, not January

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  15. Turboblocke says:

    This graphic was my main weapon.

    I never, not *once* received a competent blow against it. Had I, I would have scrapped it.

    How did you answer criticism that CET and seven cities only represents a tiny fraction of the globe?

    What did you say when they said: “The main concern is the last few decades of warming, when increases in GHG concentrations started to have a noticable effect. What does the trend look like over that period?”

    Here are some trends from 1979 for surface and satellite observations:

    Note I’m only using 1979 as that’s when satellite observations started.

  16. pokerguy says:

    Some of you good folks are celebrating prematurely. In the U.S., the NYT’s alone, a massive bulwark against the forces of “anti-science” and “denialism.” won’t so much as publish a skeptical letter to the editor. It’s been a good couple of years for skeptics, but this thing’s just getting started. Looooong way to go….

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  18. Rathtyen says:

    It’s the 11 May in Sydney, NSW, where I live. Last year, the weather in May was coolish but mild, and the water nicely warm. I took my four kids, plus an assortment of their cousins, to the beach every weekend through May and into early June (ie late Autumn to early winter).

    A year later and I came to work today wearing a heavy overcoat and gloves, and we haven’t been to the beach since February. Its been fairly consistently cooler and wet.

    The Labor government here is trying hard to introduce a Carbon Tax (in fact it is about the only policy it seems to have), and it is struggling to get public acceptance. It is really, really, really hard to convince the general (voting) public that it is in their best interests to pay a new tax to stop global warming, when it is noticeably getting cooler each successive winter.

    It is particularly hard in Australia when the same government that wants to bring in a carbon tax to reduce CO2 emissions and therefore save the planet from global warming, is approving massive development projects for oil, gas and coal production – wells, mines, rail links and loaders (for export). What gets produced is going to get used (in fact almost all production is pre-sold), and Australia is ramping up production big time to meet growing demand from China and India.

    It is fascinating how the general press (there are some notable exceptions) isn’t clambering for an explanation as to just how a tax will stop a not-all-too-apparent global warming (unless of course that is the answer already) when we are massively increasing our production of fossil fuels (as are most other oil, gas and coal producing countries).

    The mainstream press may not asking, but increasingly people in the electorate are. Our electricity bills are skyrocketing already, and most people are sensible enough to know the carbon tax will not be as painless as the government promises. The government here hasn’t figured that out yet, but increasingly the press bosses have. They are going quiet on the issue to save their own credibility, and with that, may be their circulation numbers.

    BTW Andrew, I recently purchased your book, “The Hockey Stick Illusion” and was presently surprised at has clear and easily readable it was for we statistically challenged types. Pretty amazingly interesting too considering it is such a dry subject. Very well done.


  19. Rathtyen says:

    last paragraph meant to say “was pleasantly surprised at how clear and easily….”

    The brain still usually works – the typing fingers, not so well

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  21. barn E. rubble says:

    RE: “. . . its obvious why we can’t find anything: the main stream media are no longer printing the garbage.”

    I believe there is also less garbage being generated for the MSM to print. Thanks in large part (perhaps almost entirely) to blogs such as this one. The usual suspects that have been the source of the warm mongering intended solely to scare the populace into ‘action’ (and an unintended source of entertainment) have come to realize that every claim made will be chased down for accuracy or lunacy by qualified individuals. The likelihood of another ‘mountain melting’ story appearing in the MSM gets slimmer with each exposé.

    I have noted there are still a few prominent AGW proponents (IE: the 3 amigos Trenberth, Mann and Schmidt) that can’t help themselves; trying hard to connect global warming/climate change to the recent outbreak of tornadoes in the U.S. and getting some ink for their efforts. However, the realities have now been well presented by the likes of Dr. Spencer among others.

    As long as $billions are being spent, taxes devised and useless programs/legislation are still being put forward as good ideas, means the fight for sane and responsible ‘action’ is far from over.

    Keep up the good fight.


  22. Jeremy says:

    The cliff is more dramatic when you change the dates to something like 2005-2011 –> Google

    It also shows a definite *unhidden* decline since climategate.

  23. Lex says:

    Well peak oil is a scam too so…bad comparison

  24. Lex says:

    Well peak oil is a scam too so….bad comparison

  25. JasonR says:

    May I take it that global warming takes in climate change?

  26. Brian H says:

    Another for the fingers? “clamoring” (shouting) not “clambering” (climbing). 😉

  27. Russell C says:

    What are our mainstream media friends actually reporting? Why, the same old AGW believers’ 3-point mantra that has been successful so far: this is all settled science, skeptics are corrupt, and an ineffective media allows skeptics to be heard much too often, thus confusing the ignorant public.

    I pointed out the huge flaw of point #3 in my latest article at American Thinker, “Warmist Mantra Wearing Out”

    Worldwide polls showing decreasing public concern over the so-called global warming crisis do not reflect public ignorance, but just the opposite; the public is doing their own research on the issue, and are discovering that all three points of the AGW believers’ mantra are unsupportable.

  28. barn E. rubble says:

    RE: “. . . its obvious why we can’t find anything: the main stream media are no longer printing the garbage.”

    I believe there is also far less garbage being put out to print. Thanks in large part to web sites such as this one. The usual suspects who’ve been the source of most of those scary stories/press releases (and regular entertainment) are now well aware that qualified individuals will actually check for accuracy &/or lunacy and post their findings for the world to see. I suppose it was once considered part of the MSM job description but who has the time now to bother asking pointed questions, or find a 2nd or 3rd source to confirm a story before going to print?

    However, as long as $billions are being spent, taxes devised and useless programs/legislation put forward we are far from winning this war.

    So keep up the good fight!

  29. Mike says:

    Nick From NYC:
    Thanks Man. I’m sorry I am so late to respond, but it is great to read comments from level headed-ness. No anger, no frust, just straight dope 100%.
    Everyone else. It is sooooo good to know that AGW is dead, yeah there are some holdouts, but man, I feel so much more sane now I have read these posts.
    Peace, REAL Peace.

    • Nick,

      It’s gone from
      “global warming is” (a fact)
      to “global warming could” (a possibility)
      to “could global warming”
      to “…..(nothing”.

      The package of assertions which we know as “Global warming” is not being aired by main stream internet media. Perhaps I should have said: “impotent”, “senile”?

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